Thing Ding Chose Cosa

Kasper Andreasen & Tine Melzer

Artist’s books, 4 double editions, black marker on paper; a central work of the work cycle and publication Inventory, 2008, by Kasper Andreasen & Tine Melzer.

Inventory focuses on a collection of everyday objects made by the artists Kasper Andreasen and Tine Melzer. It aims to address the relation between literal and metaphorical interpretations of objects by investigating the tactile essence of Things. The set of artists’ books Thing Chose Ding Cosa is the central work in the project. Thing Chose Ding Cosa deals with the shape of the Things in their collection. The edge of each object was traced on a page and their outlines were thus registered: a hammer, a tissue, a cup, a pencil, a paper clip, a cable, a drinking glass, etc. These outlines evoke the tension between drawing and language, between abstract line and meaning. The act of tracing implies mapping; this inventory of outlines therefore charts a non-verbal vocabulary of signs, signs that induce the viewer to recall the form, usage and meaning of the original objects through tactile and visual memories.

Aquired by Bayrische Staatsbibliothek München in 2019.

INVENTORY: Kasper Andreasen & Tine Melzer, Johan Deumens Gallery, NL, ISBN 978-90-73974-07-4