Readingmachine / Lesemachine / De Leesmachine / La machine a lire / La Maquina de leer / La macchina da leggere, 2007 and ongoing
Unlimited series of books, various languages.

Readingmachine describes an ever-growing and potentially unlimited number of books in several languages. Every book contains the beginning of a story about a man who attempted to read all the books that have ever been written. Each one shows the first page of the first chapter, written from different perspectives, within different genres and literary traditions. After the first page of every story the narrative stops abrupty; each book only contains the first few pages. The failed stories suggest an unlimited range of possibilities for an unachievable effort. Each book attempts to tell the story of the hero, but the series Readingmachine is incomplete and therefore stands as a counterpoint to the attempt to read all extant books. Both attempting to read all books and writing an unlimited number of books about the one who attempts to read all books is equally absurd acts. This series of books will forever be incomplete: but new books are constantly being added to the existing ones.

In order to continue this work, new translations from English, Dutch or German are needed. If you want to contribute a translation into your language(s), please contact: tine(at)

Bound by Boekbinderij Seugling, Amsterdam.

You can reserve a volume via tine(at)

Photos: Mathias Zuppiger